040208 Sifu

By Jun Hao
Source : LeeWengFatt

It's been awhile since I last pen down anything here. Amidst boredom, I stumbled upon the website of my once art mentor, Lee Weng Fatt, whom I call Mr. Lee. It's really great to know that he has a website of his own where he displays his artwork, biodata, etc online. This humble artist who honed my artistic forte has a very unique style. Since young, I admired his intricacy and his amazing techniques in sketching & painting. His subjects are primarily architecture and people and his mediums are watercolors and ink pen. I've been learning from him for almost 7 years and the result has been certainly rewarding. Though, not in contact with him as often today, he still remains my inspiration everytime I begin a piece of my own. 

Visit LeeWengFatt to know more about him and to see his works.