130108 London on?

By Jun Hao
2008: The year all hua ren have been waiting for.

2012: The year all earthlings would be waiting for.

The bird nest has earned all the attention and hoo-hahs it needed from the world. At least China did. With only a few months away, let's for once ignore Beijing & shift our ears & minds to a different Olympic-buzz.

As we all know, there is a possibility of Beijing stealing all the limelight from a mega-event bound to happen in London, the 2012 Summer Olympics. Is it possible to shun the iconic capital from hosting a phenomenal Olympics? Forget the management or the hospitality of the hosting nations relatively, let's take a look at what London has to offer architecturally.

& also symbolical-ly. Personally I really digged the logo, something very unconventional and probably not in favour to many. Judging by the logo, there are glimpses of London being able pull off the most extraordinary Olympics ever. Too early for us to say, but London's probably dead certain.
I'm looking forward to a stadium which escapes the always symmetrical oval form, & in hopes that the London Olympics stadium would do better than the birdnest in breaking away from the norm & the cliche-ed.

Judge yourself & see where Beijing might stand. The stadium, not how cool-looking those flying chairs & moving steel skeletal T-Rex(es) are. While you are that, do refresh: London 1948.