Bali in Kg. Penchala

By Jun Hao
Yep, don't blink twice. U saw it right. Bali in Kg. Penchala. My boss brought the office gang to a Balinese restaurant called Bora Asmara deep in the shabby setting of Kg. Penchala to celebrate a colleague's birthday. It was a first time @ this restaurant for all of us including my boss who knew about it from The Star.

From the exterior, i knew it was going to be something very exotic and extraordinary restaurant compared to its total out of place kampung setting outside. Indeed.

The front.

The entrance. Typical Balinese.

Doors opened.

A view of the Bora Asmara from the entrance.

One of the air-con rooms that was holding a function for a company which one of the workers happened to know my colleague too.

One of the numerous ornaments found at restaurant. Intricacy.

Lampshade made of yee mee. (or was it rattan?)

Haha, talking about creativity.

Since it was a weekday afternoon, there werent many customers as this restaurant caters more for diners at night. So, the manager allowed us to have our own private air-con room without even reserving for it! lol. Notice the giant cello and the other music instruments behind. The restaurant has performances on certain nights. Definitely a must come @ night i suppose.

There are open terraces to suit the diners' preferences, Balinese style.

These candle holders certain come in handy for those romantic night dinings.

Didn't take any photos of the food for some reasons but the food was not bad. They had buffet when we went there today but i believe they have a la carte dishes too. The food was quite unique especially the Indonesian dishes.
Short & Sweet: Bora Asmara; really a must try and must see.
Directions to get to Bali on road: On the Pencala Link from Damanara Perdana, head towards Mont Kiara. Turn left to Sungai Pencala before you reach the Pencala tunnel. Turn left at traffic lights and go straight. The restaurant is on the left.
Check out The Star's article on this one of a kind restaurant for more bites: