Singapura 1.0

By Jun Hao
Six thousand and one apologies...been bz wif work these few days. My last Singapore detour last few weeks was very surprisingly damn fun although i onli stayed there for merely 2days. (and the detour was not even part of the plan when we were back @ Johor, bt my dad brought my passport though, lol) Its a classic case when every minute is not to waste and proper planning b4hand, and also having someone familiar (my cousin) enough with the lion city to bring u all over Sing' in just a day! Not forgetting the kind hospitality my aunt & uncle provided for me there.

So, here's how i spend ONE day in Singapore (during its Mega Sales too).

So my cousin and i woke up early that Monday working morning. Got ready and walked to the MRT station @ Sengkang which was just a stone's throw away. (Fyi, the MRT service in Sing' is world class, i have proof later) Actually i've covered quite abit of singapore my previous 2 week trip last yr so i decided to obviously go for those ive havent been this time. Vivo City, was my first destination. Vivo city is a new shopping mall in Singapore and i heard the design of its structure is a must see, what's more designed by the famed Toyo Ito.

Before taking d MRT, my cousin brought me for breakfast at the adjacent Compassvale Mall. My aunt said that there's a delicacy in this restaurant called Soup Restaurant which is to die for. So we went there, obviously and ordered the popular Samsui Chicken which apparently a dish people in the mining area last time used to eat .Its freshly steamed chicken with almost no oil and wrapped with lettuce, eaten togther with its superb ginger paste.

We were the first customers there, fortunately and all the dishes came pretty quick.

The Samsui chicken, can u just TASTE it?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the best meals ive eaten in Singapore. $13.80 for it and it was well worth it. And for the first time, i enjoyed breast meat.

Next dish, the steamed pork ribs with rice. Very small serving but tasted and looked freakin' good! The rice was of high quality and so were the ribs.

3rd dish. Already almost full, the stir fry fan shi yip (tapioca leaves) with belacan was the perfect finale, finishing off a superb breakfast or brunch. We paid and quickly left for Vivo as time's running out! Soup Restaurant, MUZ TRY!!

Oh yea, before heading to Vivo, we decided to stop by at Chinatown to check out Singapore's latest attraction, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum. Its magnificient architecture is inspired by the Tang Dynasty.

Thinking about Petaling Street already? Comparing already? U shld b!

Trishaw pulleys taking a break playing chinese chess.

Notice these pavillion. Modernism meets Tang Dynasty, cool twist.

This is the apartment behind the pavillion. Singaporeans were probably taught how to hang their clothes out to dry since young.

And finally, the temple! This is the front entrance. Aint it breathtaking? Wait till u see its inside.

No jossticks or candles are allowed in this temple. (except for the 3 above) Devotees pray with their palms put together and their sincere heart. Inside, plasma screens on walls tell about the temple and the donation it still needs. (its by the millions, sing dollars, ahem, and this temple was built solely on public funds)

The main prayer hall. Simply wow. Every nook and cranny has intricate carvings and ornaments, enveloping the majestic Buddha statue. I really felt as though i was in a chinese palace, serious.

Look at the awesome masterpiece high above the hall. And notice the ornaments on the ceiling too!

Behind the main prayer room is another prayer room housing the Guan Yin statue which is needless to say, beautifully crafted. Did my prayers and headed upstairs where there's more to see.

Upstairs, numerous exhibitions were being held. One of it depicts the life of Buddha while another displayed photos of ancient Hindu Buddha ruins. Enriching.

The highlight was the rooftop garden which also houses a gigantic bell. The garden is almost surreal because of its many colours and obviously orchids almost making someone feeling being transported somewhere in Japan. Inspired by the Zen style, the garden was also surrounded by an unbelievable set of 10,000 Buddha statues on the walls.

Signing off with a shot at this one of a kind temple :)

More to come (and definitely Vivo) in Singapura 2.0