All the funz~

By Jun Hao
Last 2 weeks, my family and I went back to Johor to celebrate my grandpa's 80th birthday. It was quite a meaningful celebration for my grandparents and my family. Relatives and friends were invited from parts of Johor and Singapore to attend the birthday dinner. In the town of Pontian, there are only a handful of air-conditioned restaurants that cater for proper dinner parties, roping in waitresses, 10 course meals, karoake set & stage, birthday cake and of course private air conditioned dining areas for any big occasion.

My uncles and aunties decided to choose this new restaurant, which is located by the seaside; known to serve quite good food and gives a fantastic view of the seaside from the private dining area upstairs.

This was taken when i reached the venue in the evening, right on time to catch a breathtaking view of the sunset.

Everyone wants a lil' bit of the sunset in their photos.....

The little kids~~

Evrything is quite sparkling new and clean, just in time for the occasion.

1st dish : assorted appertizers ranging from thousand years old egg (pei tan) to deep fried pork paste.

2nd dish : Fried noodles with pigeon egg, yum but didn't quite manage to eat alot as i was the photographer in charge :(

3rd dish : Asparagus with prawns. Not very popular among diners but i really liked it! Asparagus rox!

4th dish : Braised duck with mushrooms. Believe it or not; i actually thought i was eating pork until my aunt told me its actually ngap!!! lol, im surprised duck could be braised into something so meaty that tasted really good!
5th dish : Compulsory in all Chinese dinners i suppose. Roasted pork skin with keropok and sweet sauce. No doubt, delicious. Gone within secs!
6th dish : Steamed Fish. Sorry no pic for this cos i totally forgotten about snapping one! No need for me to further tell how good the fish was, go figure.
7th dish : Exactly like the ones served at Esquire Kitchen restaurants. Only that the paus are not homemade unlike @ Esquire Kitchen. Very nice of course.

8th dish / Desert : Very popular in Johor (as far as i know). Served warm, this yam paste is just plain good. It comes with slices of pumpkin, 'pak guo' (gingko), and submerged in a generous portion of syrup and a lil' oil. One of the best deserts i've tried.

Sponsor of the night : Sprite and Heineken


sometimes, good food's not enough to tempt these kids....

numerous karaoke sessions was the highlight of the night. Every table had representatives to perform a song or two on stage. Some were good and some were purely comedy!! Haha~

The finale, the cake cutting session. The entire family gathered on stage and serenaded the birthday 'boy' the birthday song in 4 languages - Mandarin, Cantonese, English & even MALAY! It's annual tradition for whoever's bday celebrated in Pontian :)

What a night. Good food. Good entertainment. Good fun. And my grandpa certainly had the time of his life.

More to come : Singapore & Maroon 5!