By Jun Hao

Photos courtesy of : Yahoo Sports

I was right, right? Last night (Msian time), Rafael Nadal beat the world no.1 to claim his 3rd consecutive grand slam title. If u have watched the match, u would guess that it was anyone's game at the beginning, buts towards the end, Roger succumbed to tiredness and was mistake-prone. With the unbelievable amount of unforced errors Roger made, Nadal was more than confident in his gameplay. Nadal, showing little traces of feeling exhausted was nothing but burning inside, making minimal mistakes and maximum killer shots.

Alas, after an intense and nail-biting 3hours+ match, Nadal won; 6-3, 4-6, 6-3, 6-4; making him the only 2nd man in 93 years to win 3 French Open consecutively. If he wins the upcoming grand slams (Wimbledon, US Open), I bet he could be the new World Number 1.