day out

By Jun Hao
Freakin tired for a long-winded post so i'll do a quick one here. 24th May-Malaysian premiere of the highly awaited blockbuster, Pirates of d Carribean : At World's End. What better activity to indulge in bsides lazing around n being nagged by mum @ hm; going for d movie of course.

sequels usually dun work for me except for lotr, shrek, star wars but dis third franchise of pirate did good enuff to excite me. dun wana create much of a spoiler here but is my little review on dis movie.

btw, d ads b4 d show previewed the upcoming sequel of rush hour (rush hour 3) which reli tickled me. Muz watch. Aite', skipping d synopsis part here. As usual Sparrow saves d movie, cos personally i felt d beginning was abit draggy till depp did his magic. Keira n chow yun fatt was reli a breath of fresh air. Trivia : Did u noe that chow was also part of d "Uniquely Singapore" tourism campaign? They paid him big bucks. :) Very cool set & make up and of course graphics. One thing that really caught my eye was the sensitivity of the director towards the d little details that reli made me feel connected to each n every pirate in d movie frm d costumes, sets, scripts and acting.

A more emotional movie compared to its previous two prequels. Love is in d air of course. The last battle scene was really the highlight. Action, cinematography, comedy, intensity, excitement, marriage (what??!) all thrown in together n what u'll get is reli a very cool battle scene amongst the pirates. Got a little lost with the plot here n der but i think i got d pieces together @ did last part. Some shocking and surprising scenes await, so b prepared. But at d end, all is good. Evi1 gets to kiss keira thruout the movie and it ends with again her finale kiss with you-know-who. Shucks. :)

Score : 7/10
Short & sweet : Rockin' battle scene, bt looking forward to shrek 3