A brief brief

By Jun Hao
If u have not noticed already, ive added some pretty cool widgets in my blog. (part of d promotional campaign 4 d blog, hehe) Widgets are something new to me but what's really surprising is that there are also widgets for blogs. I used to hav them on my desktop but after a while they become one heck of a nuisance, slowing down my system. Anyway, let me explain breifly about this cute little interactive features located on the sidebar n footer of d blog.

1) Babble (frm Cbox)

Not new to many. Quick and easy way to drop ur two cents worth.

2) Doodle (frm Offtype N)

Its a very simple tool to scribble ur thoughts about anything (with a mouse, of course). With many colours and pen sizes u can choose frm, its hard to resist this widget. Done scribbling, just save (upload) ur masterpiece on Offtype, n u can either use the direct link url or simply save the pic on ur pc. Easy huh?

3) Sudoku (frm SudokuPark)

Sudoku. Sudoku. Sudoku. This japanese mind-teasing game has taken (& still taking) the world by storm, including me of course. Having being introduced to this highly addictive game last year, it almost tastes like caffeine. Taught my grandma the gameplay just recently n she's already challenging me 1 on 1, boasting on her record time ;P (this is when d too-many-assignments excuse comes in handy)

Gameplay is pretty simple: The objective is to fill a 9x9 grid so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3x3 boxes contains the digits from 1 to 9.

Try it out n challenge an amateur (recommend myself) one day.

4) Answers (frm Answers duh)

Its a pretty informative and wicked tool embedded in d blog. Just double click on any word (building name, singer, band, food, etc) in any of my post and an Answers window pops up, explaining almost everything about the word. Say bye bye to Collins or Oxford, it even has voice command.

(giggles in anticipation for no.5 )

5) The Official Line Rider (by Boštjan Cadež, a genius Slovenian university student)

Another wicked widget. Has even taken Mars by storm. Basically like Doodle, u have to let ur creative juices flow, only with some Physics applications on velocity and gradient. There are 3 types of lines u may draw, all different in characteristics. With any line, draw any form, distance, gradient. Select where u would want the line rider to begin riding on ur horrifying rollercoaster. Click play n enjoy. To my archi buds, seeing him fly off the tracks and falling thousands of metres below may be funny but it also questions whether we were paying attention in Construction classes. :)

Yup, these are my very first widgets for d blog. They'll b around until i stumble upon much cooler widgets, ya?