By Jun Hao
Just read yesterday's The Sun papers. "FED EX VS PISTOL PETE IN KL" at the headlines. (pauses while brain analyses the frontpage topic again and again.) Yep, its true. The current & former world number Ones are playing against each other in the 3-city Asian exhibition tour.(KL, Seoul & Macau) (surprisingly msia got it huh? shldnt it always be the tiny little country below us?) Two great players against each other is already a bang, whats more in KL. Visit Malaysia is really doing its thing to attract blings blings thru tourism. MU coming to KL and all the controversies that follow already put Malaysia on the map. (as usual)

"To play against Pete is a dream come true. I am so excited to play Pete and I am really looking forward to visiting Malaysia for the first time," said Federer.

First time?! Sad. What the heck, being able to have a chance to see u giants in a match in KL is a dream come true. Nov 22nd is mum's bday and also the tournament. AH, who's gonna be treated for d match then??

p/s Hey Roger, Nadal asked for your autograph in the changing rooms just recently, so u'll definitely wouldnt mind bringing an extra fan along to kl, eh? :)