By Jun Hao
I'm pretty much settled down in Melbourne. Classes have been great and I'm enjoying every sec of uni life and living in the city. Being here for almost 2 months only have skewed my eyes wide open. And i guess changing my prospects of life too. haha.

I got a prized treasure from Borders the other day. My first ever bible to making good food. Penned down by who else but the quirky Jamie Oliver (
yea, not the other devilish bastard from hell).

Jamie's Ministry of Food

It's not a bloody thick book, but a compilation of recipes compiled with a single intention; a tribute to the Ministry of Food. Wert? Quoted from the book:

"During and after World War I, terrible food shortages meant many people were malnourished. So when World War II broke out, the government appointed the Ministry of Food to help families make the most of wartime rations. It had to make sure there was enough food to go around and also to educate the public about food and proper nutrition so they’d be healthy and fighting fit."

Jamie's ode is a resurrection of the movement; to learn recipes and to pass it on to another person(s); your dad, ex-wife or neighbour. We all know Jamie's famous for his intense food campaigns around Britain (school diners, healthy food, etc) and I'm just more than willing to be part of this awesome shit while learning a thing or two from the great.

I'll end this post with my latest 3-week studio work; a 6-lane freeway over an existing road in Bulleen, Victoria. Not really a major project but I did fiddle with a couple of ideas; attempting to revolutionize the conventional freeway.

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