210109 TO WIN

By Jun Hao
And so it's my favourite time of the year. tennis season. and rafa's first slam as the world no.1, schweet. So, we all know the favourites to win the OZ Open are obviously rafa, rogerman, djokervic, and the most-talked-about brit; andymurray. Jokerman being the defending champion has unfortunately not much press coverage and anticipation from tennisfans, including me; not a big fan of his style of playing. rogerman's a fake bastard as usual. oh, andymurray has been scoring high points from me. most probably rafa will be meeting him in d semis, so it'll be an interesting clash, under the scorching heat of Melbourne. (seriously that hot meh; 40C?) :S

So sharapova's not playin, which means jankovic's the ironic world no.1 underdog to win. (can you imagine, world no.1 and not even a single slam won?) well, there's also the cute ivanovic and the disastrously disfigured sisters, wanting to win so badly too.

Anyhow, as usual, VAMOS RAFA.

p/s Its less than a month before I leave for melbourne. Hopefully this new turn paves ways for my plans, career and ahem.