Top 10 Best-Selling Game Ever

By Jun Hao

10. Gran Turismo
Units sold: 47 million Defining game: Gran Turismo (PSOne)

9. Donkey Kong
Units sold: 48 million Defining game: Donkey Kong (Arcade)

8. The Legend of Zelda
Units sold: 52 million Defining game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

7. Madden NFL
Units sold: 60 million Defining game: Oh, just pick one.

6. Tetris
Units sold: 60 million Defining game: Tetris (Game Boy)

5. Grand Theft Auto
Units sold: 65 million Defining game: GTA III (PS2)

4. Final Fantasy
Units sold: 75 million Defining game: Final Fantasy VII (PSOne)

3. The Sims
Units sold: 90 million Defining game: The Sims (PC)

2. Pokemon
Units sold: 164 million Defining game: Pokemon Red/Blue (Game Boy)

1. Mario
Units sold: 195 million Defining game: Super Mario Bros. (NES)

Source: YahooGames

Whoa. What a list. Half of the ten are my personal favs. Looks like the world has almost the same taste as me. Tetris, GTA, Final Fantasy, The Sims & Mario. Wth is Pokemon doin there ...but i have to say, i kinda enjoyed its cartoon though, not the game O_o

I'm damn proud to see FF7 up there at no. 4. My fav game of all time, first played the 4cds pc game in 1998. It was my first game ever on my first pc. Crazyly chunted. Finished the game and played it thrice. (Really tempted to revive the nostalgia soon.)

This post is utterly insufficient to share all the stuff i'm excited about Final Fantasy. Upcoming post it shall be! Promise. Can't wait!