By Jun Hao
Fridays and saturdays were never the same this semester. Tks to the Hilton Christmas Train Project. To keep things short, we took part in this competition organized by hilton pj and won first, leaving us to design & built a mega sized landscape for miniature trains for christmas this yr. I was roped in as the leader for the Tropical Christmas, together with other leaders for Bohemian, Winter & Desert Xmas. U see our theme was to celebrate christmas beyond borders, imagining santa in places never thought before.

Our team is massive, exceeding 50 students, juniors & seniors. Each group would have around 10 students. I wanted a rustic, eerie, dark-looking pirate village for my tropical part. A massive one. So here's a lil sneak peek of one of the many pirate houses we made, with much more lying ahead before completion and the big thing, Christmas. (Mind you, everything you see is manually made & painted :O )