What's up with these?!

By Jun Hao

The left picture shows the "Chrysalis", a set of skyscrapers soon to be built as part of the mega Iskandar Development, Johor, developed by SetiaEco City. Today, we read in the papers, a similar series of high rise buildings, "PGCC" with almost the same form of distorted facade' are soon to be built up north, part of the Penang Global City Development Plan (right picture).

So, why the similar facade? It's hi-tech and futuristic looking though, to some. But, isn't too cliche-ed already? Look at Freedom Tower. Libeskind makes a statement with that. It has a deep and strong meaning to commenmorate those who perished in the 9/11.

Malaysia, a supposedly country rich with culture and unique architecture elements? KLCC succeeded with infusing both the Malaysian identity and the metallic touch of Pelli. Chrysalis and PGCC might end up breathtaking and magnificient with all the unusual and never-been-seen-in-malaysia form. Look deeper, they're actually almost meaningless.