Studio is Us

By Jun Hao
For those non-archi buffs out there, a studio is an architecture student's classroom. Not ur ordinary classrooms mind you. We hang out, eat, blast the music & stay till late night b4 submission. (oh yea, and also where we have our lectures too) It's a crazy place, at least for my group of 17 students. No one's sane enough to act serious. Lol...

We just submitted and presented our first group assignment today; to build a site model for our current project: The Bicycle Station and 2nd, to create a storyboard of our site analysis. It was tideous yet I tink all of us had great fun pulling this one off, and i think we all did at the end.

this is considered tidy.


we love our design lecturer so much that we just had to make her. Speakers and woofer to de-stress.

This is food source. At LCS, 9pm, there's only 7-Eleven to feed us.
Instant noodles for dinner...not bad wei...

Macro shots of our site model. We ditched the typical JKR style of boring site models and decided to do something different. Its very conceptual, with writings that depict the life in each building. The pink spot would be our bicycle station. (Btw, our site is next to Asia Jaya LRT station)

Fail? Not at all. We had fun being different and all the crazy work paid off neatly:) Studio 10 rocks! Good job guys....