By Jun Hao
Last night, my dad's good friend brought my family and i and also some other friends for a treat at Elcerdo. It was also to celebrate her daughter's bday. Its a spanish restaurant that specializes in pork delicacies, aptly named Elcerdo(which means pork in spanish). It was indeed a feast.

There was an adults table and kids table reserved for us. Being the eldest kid there, i just had to fit in with the other much younger kids. lol. so out of place....neway, i started off with a small portion of pork chop. It was off the kid's menu btw. It was rockin'!. It was just starters for me. Then came a large helping of some creamy spaghetti, not as creamy as cabonara. Nice. Still starters for me. Then came some sausages of course. And also fine slices of various hams eaten together with melon. Perfecto. Its like Spanish Sashimi. Haha, only without soy sauce & wasabi.

Then, the feast was followed by their famous Seafood Paella Rice. They claim that paella rice is the most expensive rice on earth. True or not, i nearly died after seeing the price on the menu. Somehow, it wasnt to my liking, it tasted just not bad but not to die for. But its definitely a first time but not a last time for me.

And for the finale, the roasted piglet. Woohoo~~ I got the honour to do a lil' performance. The pork was laid flat on a board, just like the chinese siu yuk. Then to prove its tenderness, the manager used a normal porcelain plate to literally cut the pork into slices (obivously with the plate's edges) And then, it was my turn to cut it. Wow, damn chun. So tender~ And the best part, its tradition for good luck, once the plate is used to cut the pork, it has to be broken. So the manager demonstrated how to break the plate without killing anyone. He threw the plate into a wooden bucket with a large rock in it. Amazingly, there weren't any splinters whatsover. My father's friend's son, who was sitting for his spm also got to throw the plate. And tadaa, i threw the plate too. Pranccck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And everyone started cheering and clapping. LOL~

The piglet was no doubt delicious and tender! Later on, we celebrated the bday girl's bday & sang her the song. The night ended with the serving of desserts. I ordered some sherbet and tiramisu moose i tink, tasted really good and i was darn full already. To end the spectacular feast, the waitress, Carmen, superfriendly one, recommended a belgian beer, Hoegaarden. Sweet and easy to drink.

Then around 10.30pm, we went over to the hostess's house nearby to hang out while the adults remain at the restaurant to drink more beer, more wine. Who couldnt resist playing.....NINTENDO Wii!!!!!!!????? For the first time, i've touched a nintendo product, since my ancient gameboy almost a decade ago. Wii indeed was a really cool device. We played tennis, bowling & boxing. It was damn cool!!!!! Especially tennis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo~~ u can even smash and volley!! No wonder Wii has already overtaken PS3 in the gaming console market. Shame on u Sony for selling PS3 at an insane price.....

At around 1am, we went back hm. What a night~So if u guys wanna try some special Spanish delicacies, head down to Elcerdo at Changkat Bukit Bintang, trust me, u wouldnt regret the experience. Oink!