Do bother

By Jun Hao
So, how rockin' were we? Picture this;

1) Cam-horing in large 'herds' around an islamic university

2) Came out tops in competitions

3) Was the only school that did not sleep on the last night!

4) Etc. crazy stuff


We left coll on thurs morning, reached uia gombak in d afternoon, checked in, and slept till evening. Check out our, how should i say, interesting rooms and a must-see; my out-of-this-world mattress.


My comfy & clean bed.

Posters from Kill Bill & LOTR

Check out the view. What i see is a beam with trash on it.
So, in the evening we had an ice-breaking session when we were divided into groups consisting of students from diff schools. Had some fun activities to get to know each other better. After that,we went back to our hostels. Slept on my comfy mattress, mentally-strong, without any blankets under the cold quiet dirty night, hoping the sun will rise A.S.A.P.
Sunrise was spectacular the next morning. UIA seriously has some very cool sceneries.
Note the unintentionally photographed rainbow.
The field in front of the main reception hall.
Kulliyah of Architecture & Environmental Design - equivalent to Taylor's SABD.
The inside is almost breathtaking. The roof structure is darn awesome. Below is an open area where the exhibitions are held.
After breakfast, the first activity was the water gun competition. It was really fun. All we had to do is to shoot the piece of tissue paper fixed on a hairband worn on each of the opponent's head & vice versa. After several grueling matches, my team finished 3rd out of almost 15 groups. Not bad except for the bad sunburnt.
This is our exhibition booth, creatively done to display our models & storyboards.

This sculpture is our entry for the Identity Competition; something that could best reflect ur school's identity. All tks to keong, thomas & felicia, we emerged 2nd beating LKW which was placed 3rd. Seriously i thought we deserved no.1.

The following night, the Cultural Night, every school had to perform a 10 minute sketch to the theme Beyond Borders. The previous night, we stayed up late to rehearse and it was pure fun & laughter. We just wanna have fun on stage. Will post the video soon. Oh yea, we won first prize for our sketch too. Beating LKW again. haha~ it was damn fun.
The last day was abit relaxed as most competitions were ending. Oh yea, Keong also won 2nd for his very touching multimedia video presentation. He deserved it. There was a food carnival, so we spent most of the afternoon eating and lepaking. ah...and also, cam-whoring :)

lih juinn just had to steal the flag.

Cam-whoring can be quite tiring ya know. So we went back, slept and prepared for the big night, the PAM Student's Dinner.

Food was alrite compared to the Fear Factorish meals we had for the past few days.

After collecting all the prizes, snapping photos with our formal wear and mock cheques, we began the no-one-is-to-sleep night at around 12am till literally, dawn (7 am). We played Truth or Dare - we all laughed our a**ses off while evi1 was already sleeping at the hostels. At around 4am, we played charades to stay awake. At almost 7am, we couldnt get back to our hostels as it was raining. Fortunately, some kind UIA souls came to our rescue and gave all of us a lift back to our hostels, gals, guys. Bus was to come at 9am, so we had around an hour to get a quick nap.

Alas, what a camp. We definitely had fun, I did and I'm proud being a Taylorian. See u next yr @ USM, Penang!

(p/s more pics and vids comin' soon, lookout!)
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