Meet Monochrome

By Jun Hao
Monochrome: Monochroma(Greek); Mono (One) Chroma (Color)
For an image, the term monochrome is usually taken to mean the same as black & white or, more likely, grayscale, but may also be used to refer to other combinations containing only two colors,

Monochrome images or objects always fascinates me. In today's world of lucid colors, modern people lust for high-end Sony BRAVIAs, colourful magazines and vibrant exteriors like Wukesong Indoor Stadium's.

Monochromatic Apples preceeded your 16.7 million colors LCD monitor. Monochrome Gameboys preceeded the PSPs. And so on. I'm not against multi-colors but I admit I do favour a 2-colored image or object more than the rainbow...

In architecture or in man-made light, I feel the combination of a color with black or white is capable of creating a sense of monotony yet a very strong powerful impression/ indication of form. It somehow makes things look more sincere; straight-forward and for some, futuristic.

JT's Lovestoned MV: My favourite of his by a mile

Red seats in an empty stadium

The famous 1st Generation Gameboy (which I proudly own one too)

Album Cover

Proposed hotel room, in Nesna, Sweden by Carsten Höller

o.d.m. watches with electroluminescent-display

Ledger, Robert Ryman, 1982

This is one of about nine paintings from the same period and is painted in a pigmented shellac laid over glass re-inforced plastic. The strips of aluminium which are part of the work act as brackets to attach it to the wall. Ryman pays great attention to the marks of the paintbrush and uses white because he regards it as less emotionally charged than other colours. His works are about surface, texture, grain and luminosity rather than spatial composition.

White neon lights

A fashion runway; imagine it with only 2 colors but equal luminosity as the above.

Light And Shade (Album Cover) 1987

Sony Ericsson Z610i OLED monochrome display

So, its time to relive the mono