2nd Sub.

By Jun Hao
The 2nd submission would be for Re-Presenting Places (R.P.) or R.I.P as I like to call it. It's an elective subject which students are required to analyze a place or country they went during the Activity Week, which is India for my case. It could be any topic. Mine was; Colours & Textures: The Indian Culture & Identity

Below is my third and final submission; a 3-piece A2 size canvas with acrylic. It's my first big scale artpiece since I first touched a paintbrush. It's also my first attempt on canvas with acrylic. And also my first original piece entitled:

“Self” is a acrylic painting on a 3-piece canvas. A rural Indian lady lies down, eyes shut, mind awake. Beneath her are simple and ordinary objects that make up part of her impoverish life. As a typical middle-aged Indian housewive, she plays the role of a hardworking breadwinner, a loving mother and an understanding wife. This 3-piece projects a solemn and gloomy atmosphere the lady is in and has always been for the past forty years. She yearns for nothing as poverty is her life. The strong contrast between her favourite red saree and the havoc and disorders around her tells she believes in nobody nor nothing but herself. Her inner spirit is as intense as her brilliant saree, which she loves most. To the paddy fields, farm, marketplace, the symbolic fabric is donned, engraved in her heart, hiding her burdened shoulders beneath. Her life is God’s will and she is helpless. She only cries, laughs and talks to herself, for her inner spirit is her closest self.
It's quite a shame to myself for not pursuing this passion of mine; painting. Blame it on college. All these while, I paint only for academic purposes, rarely for the original meaning of art, to express oneself. Only when I took up this subject did I realize I've actually neglected my passion. What a shame. It's the holidays now and I'm stocking up on canvas and acrylics, all geared up, ready to be inspired by this hopefully not-that-rusty mind.