291207 Notes from the South

By Jun Hao
Enemies. Some are self-created while most approach unwelcomed. Have you ever wondered why there are just things that, somehow, won't go your way regardless of any situation? Thanks to that someone or something that lurks silently at the tight corner, either disguised or obviously unthought of. It, he, she or they halt(s) your mental movements and the anonymous actions of these people or this person make you blame your poor-self for all the faults or failures. Some do not announce themselves as enemies, as they are unintentionally one. You created him, her, it or them. Fear or just complicated imagination?

In a circle of individuals and karma, many do not realize that friends could be self-created or approach unwelcomed too. A simple but daunting, desperate, yet efficient & fulfilling method; scar this theory in your thickest skin: My enemies' enemies are my best friends +

(p/s Do not try this at home, it might be fictional for some.)