By Jun Hao
Last friday, i felt really uncomfortable after watching this.
Nevertheless, i took a train that morning to the boring Petaling Street to get my art stuff form Venus Art. Hmm...it wasnt a hoo-hah journey but quite amusing i must say:

I always admire graffitisizers (someone who does graffiti 0_O) and vandals.
Too bad I ain't one.

I was shocked to see masterpieces in contrast to the sickening river as I disembark from the train.

Optimus Prime

The all new Central Market

My fav part of Central Market (what?? i actually like Central Market???!) yea..neways....my fav part of Central Market has to be the Artists' Corner. The artists there are brilliant at their work but sad to see, they are merely displayed there, failing to sell off to buyers but instead only satisfying curious onlookers (like me)

But now its shifted to the adjacent building - Central Annexe.

It was still early, so the artists were in the midst of putting their stuff along the aisles before they hide in their little pigeon holes beyond the blue building.

Told you...a lil' amusing, not too much, just a little.