By Jun Hao
"Don't litter" . "Car pool" . "Save the Trees" . "Recycle"

Cliche? Yea, i think so. These phrases were uhu-glued and masking-taped in my cranium throughout my life. yea yea, we all know its boring and shit, yet no one does anything or at least not many do. yea yea, the fact that no one does anything itself is also a cliche. We've been memorizing this shit for our moral (spm), not forgeting a single word like 'alam' and fear getting mixed up between 'mencintai' or 'menyayangi.' yea, i'm one of those cowards, tell me, who's brave enough to face that sickening subject?

The point is, we young dudes, or at least me, are so sick of these same o yada yada CFC thingie that sucked a whole big patch of Texas out off the atmosphere, leaving a gaping hole, clear enough to see our angkasawan with our naked eyes. (ouch, i know its painfully lame)

U noe as a matter of fact, I'm quite of a green guy. I look after the environment, I don't litter nor spit, I don't smoke, I don't cut trees although I guilty-ly use a whole lot of them to make models, I recycle my papers, I car pool, etc.

In the first 2 paragraphs, yep, I'm condemning the fact that we young people (or at least most of my friends) think that looking after the environment is no cool thing. yea, isnt it through enough? I personally don't think its cool to pick up somebody else's thrash when i'm walking with my girlfriend. :S

It's 2007! Things are changing, so is my mind, its greenifying. Somehow. I think the person to be blamed for me being as green as a brocolli has to be AL GORE. (oh yea, congrats on your big win recently too, deserved it). His 60+ I believe, but what sets him apart from the above cliche phrases, moral (spm) and 'kempen mengitar semula' is the magic he creates in campaigning for his once cliche issue,"GLOBAL WARMING."

"An Incovenient Truth"

"The Day After Tomorrow"

It was a turning point for me after grasping the ex-soon-to-be-president of the US's (taken from his famous words) notion in saving the earth from global warming and the scenario of finding an Antartican polar bear in the Indian shores o_o. Why?. I dunno. Was it because of the frightening nature-disaster-flying cows movies? Or was it Al Gore's cool presentation of the inconvenient truth? Or was it because of his frequent appearance in awards shows? Or was it his win at the Oscars? Or was it that the fact I finally believe that saving mother nature is darn cool.

Not being egoistic here, but I believe that we young dudes can really make this world a greener place, with a snap of a finger or with a blink of an eye, if only we do it together. Youtube, Blogger, Facebook, Gmail, MSN, MySpace are tools we young ppl can use to easily make mother nature back in shape. How?


Sad to say, we young dudes live by looking & following at others, and at the same time trying to be original too. If the coolest dumb blonde in school recycles or picks up the trash in front of her fans and friends, guess what's next? Go figure.






Enough with the boring phrases mentioned earlier on. Deal with creatvity and most importantly IMPACT to young people. Screw the politicians. We use Facebook and Youtube each day and we can work our stuff globally in seconds.


Dress and act green, tell people green is cool. Spread the IMPACT.

Work our brains my young counterparts. Green Peace.