By Jun Hao

Ha...what an independence day. Woke up late, went to 1U wif mum and bro to makan at Italiennes. It was our first time there, ordered meatballs spaghetti, beef lasagna & carbonara. TO mua SURPRISE, those larger than life meatballs rocked, the carbonara was JUST OK and the lasagna seriously sucked big time. Italiennes, a lil' overrated here?? or was it just not my cup of tea? Jam was usual....wanted to watch the rat show (if i could spell it) but all fully booked, as expected. Went over to Cineleisure, fully booked too, as expected. Ditched the movie date, went over to IKEA, bought something, as expected. Time flew, 7pm already, wth. Had wantan mee for dinner at old klang road (opposite the wet market - damn nice wei, been eating der since young) Reached home around 8.30pm, slumped on d sofa and realized, what the heck shld a Malaysian actually do on Merdeka Day-ah?

Me either, Peter.