By Jun Hao

1 week to india. met the juniors for d xmas train thing today, bunch of cool people. Barely 3 weeks at sabd, still raw no doubt. That was exactly what or who i was 3 sems ago. Time flies darn quickly, too fast i actually feared graduating just yet. Funny huh? I is Dumba**


this might sound abit silly. amidst all the asignments and crazy archi stuff, i'm still a grade 2 piano learner. Tmroe, i'll touch those white keys in front of an examiner, for trials. Real exam would be after india. Absurd? Totally. A 19 yr old 6-footer waiting anxiously, bitting his nails alongside a horde of young cutie-pies, prolly at his waist height, and there he is, at the corner, waiting to be laughed at. LOL. It's ok, he's to blame for being such a sucker. Sucker or not, he just wanna have fun+