Singapura 2.0

By Jun Hao
Nevermind the stress and the emo post. It'll stay for awhile. As promised, here's part two of the ONE day trip down @ the lion city. My cousin and i were a geared up to hunt for some of the best (or better)buildings and anything edible in that tiny city. Enjoy;

Flashback (Singapura 1.0) : Samsui chicken, a magnificient temple, chinatown, orchid garden, and a lil intro to vivo city.


Haha, all d so called suspense in the previous post prob made this place a lil' overrated....but seriously the design was simply WALAU-EH! Seeing such a structure in a TINY southeast asian country was quite a feel. With strong curves and an out-of-place design, i think that Singapore has just put other neighbouring countries especially YOU-KNOW-WHICH down the 200 diameter uPVC gutter or downspout.

After checkin' out the temple, we hitched (not free of course) a bus to Vivo. The moment we reached the atrium; WALAU-EH no.2 hit me on the face.

Obviously, the centrepiece was the twirling sculpture in the middle that has huge long 'tentacles' spreading all over the ceiling, and also illuminated. Nice. Check out the benches scattered all over the shopping mall; some organic looking furniture made of pvc and is very lightweight. The open void on the ceiling in the middle also enable light through (isnt this always the trend now; SUSTAINABILITY)

A view of the microorganism-looking sculpture from the 1st floor. Cool rite? But dont ya think that the atrium seemed a lil'.....bare?

So how does all these large long organic-formed 'tentacles' hang on the ceiling? Me decided to check it out. One could easily (u have to be a 6-footer at least of course) get a clear view of the skeletal structure behind the, i guess, fibrousplaster tentacles, holding them up strongly on the ceiling. In fact the exterior of vivo itself is enveloped with a very free-form skin also supported by a massive skeletal frame.

Before checking out the stores, we decided to take a monorail from vivo to Sentosa beach which is just located across the sea opposite vivo, to get a better view of the overall of vivo. It doesn't look that attractive from afar definitely, probably due to its very low built-up approach, 2 floors and a rooftop above ground level, pretty surprising in the land-kedekut Singapore huh? Check out the sphere of flowers there, dunno what was it for though.

Never seen vivo at night b4, probably it'll look better (or mayb worse, I DON'T KNOW).

Two reasons; Optimus Prime made a visit or the return of Kiatsunami. Simply a sight. It was once the location of the famous Magical Fountain by the way.

Sentosa beach. (Pokok Kelapa diimport dari Malaysia, awan ditiup jugak dari Malaysia, photographer JUGAK dari Malaysia)

Sentosa wasnt part of the itinerary actually, but wat the heck, this garden caught my eye. Not sure whther its Gaudi's work but it sure does look like his. Not many has broken mosaic tiles and twirls and spirals as their design hallmark. Neway, its a long, seriously damn long stretch of beautifully crafted ponds and fountains. U'd be able to see creature like snakes camouflaged in skin cladded with colourful broken tiles. Indeed a unique garden. I guess Merlion's was in a bad row with Gaudi or something, its butt's facing gaudi's masterpiece.

Electronic ding-dong bells proved to be more cost-efficient then hiring an idiot to manually ring dozens of bells there every 5 minutes. And its really LOUD! Trivia: Its also programmed to play latest hits like Rehab or What I've Done or Ipoh Mali ala ding dong bell.

This is what u get when u put a lion and a hot mermaid in Noah's Ark.

Alright, that's it for Singapura 2.0 and more to come; Vivo disected, Toast Box, a red cow?, brazilian food, nightlife in clarke quay, maroon 5 and etc.
p/s I'll be away from thursday till next monday in a camp. So, wait till im back for Singapore 3.0 and of course an exclusive post of the camp! Chierce!!