Not so finger licking good

By Jun Hao
To begin this post, i would like to express my regrets after desperately looking for food and randomly ending up in a KFC outlet at:

State No 47, Jalan 52/12, New Town Centre 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Why? Its because i was darn hungry that time and was looking forward to a good yet quick meal. The moment i opened the door, i knew i made a mistake. It was gloomy and hardly a soul at the tables. Talking about one the biggest fast food chains in the world. Wat the heck, the food cant be that bad right, with KFC's high quality control (or was it McD's?).

Proceeded to the counter and decided to try the "WE MUST HAVE RICE" combo meal; 2 pieces of chicken, mushroom soup, rice. Found the cleanest spot in the outlet and all prepared for a hearty meal. Analyzed my fork and spoon and found stains on them. Cleaned them with a peice of serviette. Failed - stubborn stains : Went to the counter to get new sets. Fork was much cleaner but spoon was even worse. Stains and little nasty dried up food remainings found on the spoon. Already agitated, asked for another spoon. Much cleaner, visually. Wiped it just in case and the serviette literally got glued on a patch of the spoon. It seemed to be a sticky spoony situation . God knows what it could be, i was already disgusted. Alas, the fourth spoon was decently clean.

The chickens were not bad except that they were overnight ones. The rice was strange looking and tasting. It looked like burned nasi briyani and taste like rice with candies. It was weirdly sweet! The mushroom soup was quite good but being able to taste the styrofoam container while drinking the soup really put me off. All in all it was indeed a bad meal. Glanced at the next table after a bunch of girls left; A LOT of food left on the tray.

My dad said the outlet was twice as old as me. When he came to kl, 30+ years ago, this outlet was the one of the hippest around... :@

Talking about Finger Looking Good?