Muar Detour

By Jun Hao
Last week, my family and i detoured to Muar on our way to my hometown, Pontian. What for? TO EAT OF COURSE! For those heading South or Singapore for the big sales; y not stop by at Muar to eat? It's quite a journey from the expressway into the town of Muar but it's well worth it. (Not to forget; its interesting old Chinese shophouses)

On the way, i noticed this freaky looking figure cladded in safety jackets holding a safety lamp on one hand and waving a flag on the other. I don't think its human, eh? Imagine seeing it or them along the highway at night. woooooooo~~~

Not a very good photo. Taken from inside the car. Most houses and shoplots use antennas placed on extra high rods protruding from the roofs. 2 reasons :
1) Cheap metal
2) Stealing Singapore's airwaves

Saw this very interesting scene on the way where twelve lamp posts just landed on earth.

Random pic : Shell Station

Ah, Muar's tourist attraction; Ai-Fle Tower. Gustave Eiffel got his inspiration here or was it the other way?

Close-up; TM Net, the no.1 provider of horrifying broadband connection.

My fav pic of the day, the old untouched chinese shophouses painted a thousand words; what's more with a drastic sky set against them.

The street; where food is good.

Famous lou kai with lou tan. We usually order the lou ngap yik (duck wings) but decided to try something different. The chicken was not bad but i'd prefer the wings.

Ah...the famous otak-otak (spicy fish paste) Muar. This is proof u've been to Muar. 60c for one; staple bullets price included.

The famous wanton mee opposite the lou ngap stall, next to the otak-otak stall, used to be very nice but somehow wasnt up to par that day. Something different compared to noodles u'd find in KL.

I know the "Berhenti" sign is crucial in this crossroads but don't u think its a lil' bit out of place?

A quick detour to Muar DONE. Back to the journey further south.
Suddenly, I miss KL.
Coming up : More pics and posts on Pontian, food, family, birthday & of course, Singapore :)